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About Our Store

Marathon is in the business of selling "Your PRODUCT" through the use of merchandising marketable clothing accentuated with customized embroidery and silk-screening!








We have the newest embroidery machines on the market, coupled with silk-screening equipment. We are completely computer digitized, which means our machines can read designs that we input or customize in front of you. We have the in-house ability to design, manufacture and embroider or imprint garments based on your needs and specifications. This ability enables us to develop a line of clothing with your "OWN" private label, which gives you greater flexibility to offer your customers, or just to give you the satisfaction of having your own line exclusivity. This would enhance the customer identification of the product and also add a fresher fashion content to your product. We are able to order almost any type of clothing and we do have the capabilities for manufacturing. We are able to produce Polar Fleece, wool/leather and satin jackets. If you like a particular style from a catalog, we can also order it.

We can also accentuate your own clothing. If you have a product line, or if you just supply us with your own clothing, hats, etc., we will embroider or silk-screen them. The line of clothing represented here includes t-shirts, sweats, hats, Polar Fleece, jackets, scrubs, vests, chef jackets and industrial clothing for the trade.

We also carry a full line of calendars, mugs, pens, key chains, pins, bags, magnets, pizza cutters and over 20,000 ASI items enabling us to walk into any market with the confidence of knowing that we can service your needs. We have the capabilities, connections and relationships to pursue these items in any direction.

We offer a wide variety of goods and services. This is because our concept is a "one-stop" service company. Through PERFORMANCE and DELIVERY we build a close relationship based on the confidence and trust which promotes us to produce a profitable and quality line of accentuated products. We supply restaurants, banks and concerts, corporations, non-profit organizations, TV stations, radio stations, schools and fitness clubs, bowling teams and sports teams, just to name a few.

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