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Digitizing & Embroidery

Here at Marathon Embroidery, we have state of the art software and machinery that delivers the highest quality embroidery on the market today. If you have a logo, design, or just an idea, we can turn it into thread.


We accept .DST embroidery files, or clean, high resolution artwork that our design team will digitize for embroidery purposes. Incoming artwork must be delivered as .JPG .PNG files or vector art. Once artwork has been digitized it can be scaled to any size necessary and used to produce embroidered designs at any quantity. 

Our digitizing service is offered at a one time fee that is based on the complexity of the image. It is a labor intensive process performed by trained specialists using industry specific software to create bespoke designs for production. Click the link below to upload your artwork and receive an itemized quote on digitization and embroidery today! 



Embroidery is our expertise, with nearly four decades of experience, we are the best in the business. Our shop has several sophisticated machines stitching designs for a highly diversified clientele. There is a wide range of embroidery and textile printing techniques that can be performed in our shop, and more that are achievable through our network of partners. Please browse our samples to get ideas for your next project, or contact us to communicate your vision so we can execute it for you. The pricing of your embroidery production is determined by the amount of stitches in the design, separate areas embroidered per item and quantity of items to be embroidered. We stitch with a full spectrum of color, even metallic and glow in the dark thread! The sky is the limit for what you can create! 


Custom Designs


Perhaps you have an idea for a design but it hasn't yet been created. We can help with that! Our talented design team can be commissioned to complete custom designs that can be digitized for embroidery or screenprinting. Whether its a representational illustration you need, like characters or specific objects, or abstract, like symbols and typography for a logo, we got you covered. Contact our designer directly with your concept. 



Stock Imagery


For the customer on a budget, we can create a purely text based logo from over 200 embroidery fonts to choose from for which there is no digitizing fee. We also carry over 75,000 stock imagery designs which run from $10-$50. We will soon include these databases on the website. Until then, specify your needs in your order or quote request or visit our store to browse the fonts and stock image library with one of our design specialists. 

Printing Methods

Besides embroidery, we offer a variety of print and transfer options to add designs to fabric. Between screenprinting and heat transferred graphics, our graphic design team can accommodate all of your textile printing needs. 



Screenprinting is the process by which your typical graphic t-shirt is printed. A single color or color separated image is burned onto one or more emulsified silkscreens, and ink is squeegeed through the negative space created by the burned graphic onto fabric, creating the positive printed image. Provide us with vector art, or any clear high resolution image, and we will take care of the rest. Pricing is determined by design prep, quantity, number of color separations, and number of separate printed areas per each item. Our minimum order quantity for screenprinting is 12 items, with price breaks applied on every count of 12 up to 300.


Embroidery and Screenprinting are not the only ways to get a graphic emblazoned on your products. There are four distinct methods of applique that can get the job done. 

  • Vinyl Heat Press

This method is commonly used in the world of recreational sports to add team numbers and letters to uniforms. Its best to use this method with flat single color designs. Multiple colors can be used in a single design, but keep in mind that the cutting of solid shapes limits the intricacy and complexity that can be present in the design. Glow in the dark, foil and reflective vinyl is available via this process, which we often use on Police and Security garments. 

  • Direct to Garment 

This method of printing is the most versatile in terms of its applications. Full color gradient images can be printed on filament and heat pressed to fabric, or made into decals and stickers for glass windows and doors or virtually any sheer surface you can imagine. 

  • UltraColorMax Heat Transfers

This method is similar to the aforementioned, it also allows for full color gradient images to be adhered to fabric, however it is limited to fabric alone. The vibrancy and clarity of the printing is really what sets it apart, as the output quality of the DTF printer is unparallelled.

  • Patches

And what would a classic embroidery shop be without patches? We offer embroidered applique patches on tackle twill, applied to the garment surface seamlessly with a beautiful satin stitch. Also very popular are our velvety embroidered chenille applique, often used on fraternity letter jackets, and high end sports team logos. Printed graphic patches are available in the form of sublimated and metallic iron ons.  

  • Labels

For fashion designers and and makers of custom garments, it may be very important to include sizing and branding information somewhere on the garment. We have two great solutions for such requirements. One color printed tags with sizing can be printed using the heat transfer method mentioned above, or woven tag labels can be created in a minimum order of 100, and are ready for pickup within 3 weeks. 

Proofing & Disclaimers

At Marathon Embroidery we pride ourselves on leading the industry in quality, so let it be known that we guarantee all of our work. Once the customer has settled on a design and an order has been placed and paid in full, we will provide the customer with a digital proof to be approved for production, this is a mockup of the design as it will appear on the garment or item.


We look forward to serving you! Please be in observance of the following disclaimers when ordering with us:


  • PAYMENT IN FULL is required at time of order.

  • Hospital Jacket Orders turnaround is approx. 2-3 weeks.

  • University/College PO’s are subject to a 32% finance charge.

  • Rush fee for under 1 week is $30 or 30% of the total, whichever greater. 50% charge for same or next day orders.

  • Rushes Orders are CASH PAYMENT IN FULL at time of order.

  • Any change made to an order after it is placed is subject to a $10 fee.

  • Design prep is included in the price. Cancellations after the design is prepped forfeits a portion of the full refund to cover labor costs.

  • Digitized artwork will not be released or sold back to customers.

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